Thursday, July 22, 2010

Window Mural in Poughkeepsie

Window Mural at Mother Earth's Storehouse
Posted by PicasaAs part of the "Natural" progression of an expansion of Hudson Valley's Organic Grocer, Mother Earth's Storehouse grew out of space in their Poughkeepsie store at South Road Square. During construction of the expansion, Kevin and Chris realized that they needed window coverings for office space that would occupy an area along the front windows.
View from parking lot of window mural

Out of the need for shade and privacy was born the idea of a window mural.  It was decided that only the lower half of the front windows would be used. The palette was an area whose length was approximately 40 feet with a height of 4. Kevin insisted on a design that was professional, clean and classy. Above all it could not have typical traits of a sign or retail display. No lettering or logo would used.
Is it a reflection? Where are we?

The final design was presented decidedly different from the first. The initial idea was reminiscent of a backdrop at a Coney Island's freak show. Well, it would have gotten attention. Anyway, the images shown represent the final panoramic view of Hudson River Valley (specifically, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie) with the normal landscape vegetation depicted using vegetables, fruit and produce.

Small folks will get the best view.

It is a composition of photography and illustration. The background image was a panoramic photo taken from the newly opened "Walkway Over The Hudson" bridge with photos of various greens and summer fruit that are sold in Mother Earth's Store House locations.

Credits: Designed and Illustrated by WhatsTheBigIdea,com and sign produced and masterfully produced by Designer Signs in Stone Ridge .