Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hudson Valley’s “Buy Local” Organic Grocer

“Buy local” is more than a trendy new catchphrase for Mother Earth Storehouse. Owned and operated by two Hudson Valley brothers, Chris and Kevin Schneider have spent the last three decades working with local growers, producers and food manufacturers. And, while “organic” and “health food” was synonymous with a bohemian lifestyle back in the seventies, they’re now used ad nauseam by Madison Avenue. Even when out of vogue, buying local has always been the primary reason why these two local boys opened their first store in Kingston New York, circa 1978.

Concerned About They Feed Their Own Families

Most importantly, the Schneiders are concerned about the quality of the food they [and their family] consume. Even in the seventies, it was rare to find fresh produce and processed food products that didn’t contain some sort of dubious additives. As supermarkets and fast food chains sprung up all around them, it became even more difficult to find a place for the health-conscious eater. It was with little doubt of what they needed to do; open a health food store. They knew there were other folks like themselves, whom cared about what they ate. So in 1978, surrounded by Fast Food and Drive-Thrus, Mother Earth Storehouse was born.

Not Your Average Grocery Store

It may seem like centuries ago to an iPod® user, though the first Mother Earth Storehouse represents a generation of healthy food knowledge. If you walk through their newly refurbished store in Kings Mall [Kingston, New York] you’ll be amazed at how much it resembles the layout of a contemporary Supermarket. However as you enter the large expanse; you quickly realize that this is not your average grocery store. The most obvious is the demeanor of the folks that work there. As with most busy stores, the staff is running back and forth. But at Mother Earth Storehouse, they actually stop to ask if you need assistance! Besides directing you to the correct aisle, they are knowledgeable about what they sell. If it has anything to do with the nutritional benefits of the all-natural food products they sell, these folks are smart. It’s no coincidence, because they practice (healthy eating) what they preach.

Unimaginable Selection of Bulk Food

Both the Kingston and Poughkeepsie stores have a traditional deli and salad bar with a dining area. All their stores have [seasonal] locally grown fresh produce, fruit and dairy products. What first attracted me [personally] to their stores were the unimaginable selection of bulk food like nuts, dried fruit, cereals, coffees, teas, herbs and spices. It was not long after, when I found myself buying all of my groceries at the Saugerties store. Since they carry a big assortment of frozen goods, pet foods, nutritional and health care products, there’s no need to shop anywhere else.

You Don’t Have to be a Food Purist

If you are particular about what you eat or have special dietary needs, you’ll find the right foods for proper nutrition. It’s no surprise that vegetarians and vegans alike are frequent shoppers, since there are few places in Hudson Valley with the diverse selection of specialty foods carry. But you don’t have to be a foodie or purist to appreciate all the good reasons to buy all-natural. With three (3) stores in the Hudson River Valley of New York (Kingston, Saugerties and Poughkeepsie), healthy [locally grown] food is closer than you think. It’s not just a clever marketing slogan, when they say “Mother Earth Storehouse is Hudson Valley’s local grocer”.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Means Fresh

Spring Means Fresh

Fresh Locally Grown Produce at Hudson Valley's Organic Grocer

Spring in the Hudson Valley is beautiful and productive. All along the Hudson River Valley, organic farmers are bringing their early greens and herbs to Mother Earth Storehouse. All three (3) stores have fully stocked produce sections, filled to the brim with all-natural locally grown products. Come and visit them in Kingston, Saugerties and Poughkeepsie.
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