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Window Mural in Poughkeepsie

Window Mural at Mother Earth's Storehouse
Posted by PicasaAs part of the "Natural" progression of an expansion of Hudson Valley's Organic Grocer, Mother Earth's Storehouse grew out of space in their Poughkeepsie store at South Road Square. During construction of the expansion, Kevin and Chris realized that they needed window coverings for office space that would occupy an area along the front windows.
View from parking lot of window mural

Out of the need for shade and privacy was born the idea of a window mural.  It was decided that only the lower half of the front windows would be used. The palette was an area whose length was approximately 40 feet with a height of 4. Kevin insisted on a design that was professional, clean and classy. Above all it could not have typical traits of a sign or retail display. No lettering or logo would used.
Is it a reflection? Where are we?

The final design was presented decidedly different from the first. The initial idea was reminiscent of a backdrop at a Coney Island's freak show. Well, it would have gotten attention. Anyway, the images shown represent the final panoramic view of Hudson River Valley (specifically, the Mid-Hudson Bridge in Poughkeepsie) with the normal landscape vegetation depicted using vegetables, fruit and produce.

Small folks will get the best view.

It is a composition of photography and illustration. The background image was a panoramic photo taken from the newly opened "Walkway Over The Hudson" bridge with photos of various greens and summer fruit that are sold in Mother Earth's Store House locations.

Credits: Designed and Illustrated by WhatsTheBigIdea,com and sign produced and masterfully produced by Designer Signs in Stone Ridge .

Friday, March 19, 2010

$53K check equals 212K meals |

$53K check equals 212K meals |

Brothers Kevin and Chris Schneider, owners of Mother Earth's Storehouse in Saugerties, share a light moment with Antonetta Gutter, director of development for the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.
Times Herald-Record/JEFF GOULDING

Friday, February 26, 2010

Locally Owned Health Food Store Donates $53,000.00 for Hudson Valley's Hungry

Hudson Valley emergency food outlets have served 3 million more meals than in they did in 2006 - an average increase of over 35 percent. It has undoubtedly been a record year, though thanks to a generous donation of $53,000.00 from Mother Earth's Storehouse, Hudson Valley's hungry will not go unnoticed.

Food Bank Shortages And Record Hunger Rates

2010 has been a record year for food bank shortages. In the Hudson Valley, more than 90,000 households do not know where their next meal will come from. However bleak these figures may seem, some local businesses have stepped up to help. This will be the second year in a row, that the small locally-owned health food store has made a substantial contribution to the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley (FBHV). Mother Earth's Storehouse and the Hudson Valley based food bank has partnered to help alleviate hunger in Ulster, Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, Putnam and Rockland counties in the mid Hudson Valley region of New York.

The Food Bank of the Hudson Valley was created by a group of food pantry coordinators and anti-hunger advocates in 1990. Over 20 years later, it has established a successful history of helping distribute food to area families in need. Their mission has never been more important, contributing support and food distribution for over 360 food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters. Even with so many emergency food organizations united to feed the hungry, many have found themselves forced to turn away the hungry because of shortages.

Charitable Giving Has Fallen For The First Time Since 1987

In a time when the Hudson Valley has reached record unemployment rates, few businesses have made the commitment to give back to its neighbors like Mother Earth's Storehouse. Kevin and Chris, the two brothers who own three Hudson Valley health food stores, have made a statement of solidarity with their neighbors who are less fortunate. Standing in front of last year's Food Bank's Cosimo DiBrizzi Humanitarian Award, Chris Schneider explained, "Our business is all about nutrition and health awareness. We can't think of a better way to give back to our community." Kevin reiterated his brother's feelings, pointing to last year's donation of $25,000.00 to the Food Bank, "This year, our customers have helped us raise an astounding $53,000.000 through our Rewards Plus Card program." He added, "We encourage all our customers to present their Rewards Plus Card at checkout. When they do, 1% of their member's rewards will be donated directly to Food Bank of the Hudson Valley."

Never Losing Sight of The Big Picture

The two brothers from Kingston believe that philanthropy makes good business sense, especially in the current economic climate, "Our customers believe in being socially responsible. Their spirit of generosity has made this program a success. They [customers] feel good knowing that a percentage of their grocery purchase will be donated to local charity." After 30 years in business, Mother Earth's Storehouse has grown to three stores (Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Saugerties) though they haven't lost sight of the big picture; providing healthy food for their customers and helping feed Hudson Valley's Hungry.

For more information Mother Earth Storehouse and Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, please visit or The donation event will be held Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 2:00PM in the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley offices located at 195 Hudson Street, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. For inquiries or ways that you too can help, call Toni at (845 )534-5344.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hudson Valley’s “Buy Local” Organic Grocer

“Buy local” is more than a trendy new catchphrase for Mother Earth Storehouse. Owned and operated by two Hudson Valley brothers, Chris and Kevin Schneider have spent the last three decades working with local growers, producers and food manufacturers. And, while “organic” and “health food” was synonymous with a bohemian lifestyle back in the seventies, they’re now used ad nauseam by Madison Avenue. Even when out of vogue, buying local has always been the primary reason why these two local boys opened their first store in Kingston New York, circa 1978.

Concerned About They Feed Their Own Families

Most importantly, the Schneiders are concerned about the quality of the food they [and their family] consume. Even in the seventies, it was rare to find fresh produce and processed food products that didn’t contain some sort of dubious additives. As supermarkets and fast food chains sprung up all around them, it became even more difficult to find a place for the health-conscious eater. It was with little doubt of what they needed to do; open a health food store. They knew there were other folks like themselves, whom cared about what they ate. So in 1978, surrounded by Fast Food and Drive-Thrus, Mother Earth Storehouse was born.

Not Your Average Grocery Store

It may seem like centuries ago to an iPod® user, though the first Mother Earth Storehouse represents a generation of healthy food knowledge. If you walk through their newly refurbished store in Kings Mall [Kingston, New York] you’ll be amazed at how much it resembles the layout of a contemporary Supermarket. However as you enter the large expanse; you quickly realize that this is not your average grocery store. The most obvious is the demeanor of the folks that work there. As with most busy stores, the staff is running back and forth. But at Mother Earth Storehouse, they actually stop to ask if you need assistance! Besides directing you to the correct aisle, they are knowledgeable about what they sell. If it has anything to do with the nutritional benefits of the all-natural food products they sell, these folks are smart. It’s no coincidence, because they practice (healthy eating) what they preach.

Unimaginable Selection of Bulk Food

Both the Kingston and Poughkeepsie stores have a traditional deli and salad bar with a dining area. All their stores have [seasonal] locally grown fresh produce, fruit and dairy products. What first attracted me [personally] to their stores were the unimaginable selection of bulk food like nuts, dried fruit, cereals, coffees, teas, herbs and spices. It was not long after, when I found myself buying all of my groceries at the Saugerties store. Since they carry a big assortment of frozen goods, pet foods, nutritional and health care products, there’s no need to shop anywhere else.

You Don’t Have to be a Food Purist

If you are particular about what you eat or have special dietary needs, you’ll find the right foods for proper nutrition. It’s no surprise that vegetarians and vegans alike are frequent shoppers, since there are few places in Hudson Valley with the diverse selection of specialty foods carry. But you don’t have to be a foodie or purist to appreciate all the good reasons to buy all-natural. With three (3) stores in the Hudson River Valley of New York (Kingston, Saugerties and Poughkeepsie), healthy [locally grown] food is closer than you think. It’s not just a clever marketing slogan, when they say “Mother Earth Storehouse is Hudson Valley’s local grocer”.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Means Fresh

Spring Means Fresh

Fresh Locally Grown Produce at Hudson Valley's Organic Grocer

Spring in the Hudson Valley is beautiful and productive. All along the Hudson River Valley, organic farmers are bringing their early greens and herbs to Mother Earth Storehouse. All three (3) stores have fully stocked produce sections, filled to the brim with all-natural locally grown products. Come and visit them in Kingston, Saugerties and Poughkeepsie.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Humanitarian Award goes to Mother Earth Storehouse

Food Bank of the Hudson Valley will be awarding Mother Earth Storehouse the Cosimo DiBrizzi Humanitarian Award at its Annual Reception on Thursday May 7 from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. The awards event honors groups and individuals who have given extraordinary support to the Food Bank's mission to feed to the hungry in the Hudson Valley.

This is only the third time the Cosimo DiBrizzi Humanitarian Award has been given, in honor of Cosimo's Pizza Bistro the restaurateur. The founder and family patriarch was one of the first Food Bank's Advisory Board members and a generous supporter. His heirs continue Cosimo's legacy, supporting the Food Bank's goals through generous contributions.

Chris and Kevin Schneider [owners of Mother Earth Storehouse] will be accepting the curved crystal glass award for their customers' generous $25,000.00 donation this past January, 2009. The "Natural Food & Vitamin Centers" implemented a customer loyalty program via a "Rewards Plus Card" [which when the customer presents at purchase] 1% of their purchase gets donated to the Food Bank. Chris stressed that, "It's a collaborative effort of our customers and Mother Earth Storehouse, to help give back to the less fortunate in our community". All three stores are in the Hudson Valley including Kingston, Saugerties and Poughkeepsie.

In addition to presenting the Cosimo DiBrizzi Humanitarian Award, there will several other awards given to local volunteers and other exemplary individuals whom have given their time and energy to feeding the displaced families and their children in the Hudson Valley area.

For more information on how you can give needed resources to Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, please call (845) 534-5344.
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